Seminar: Educational reintegration and the psychosocial wellbeing of returnee children

April 7 at 17:00 we invite you to participate in Daina Grosa's seminar «Educational reintegration and the psychosocial wellbeing of returnee children: evidence from Latvia».

Event format: 30 minutes long lecture followed by another 30 minutes for questions and opinions exchange.

Registration is closed.

This study looks at returnee families after return to Latvia with a focus on the children’s experience in adapting to life in their parents’ (or one parent’s) homeland after living outside Latvia. What are the challenges experienced, after changes in the family’s cultural and linguistic environment and school system, with the children possibly migrating to a country that is not familiar to them? How do families prepare their children, are the imagined hopes for the return fulfilled, and how does the school and family interact to ease adaptation? In this study, data is used from both a quantitative survey of return migrant families, as well as qualitative interviews with returnee families and teachers/ support persons who have been helping the families.

The seminar is brought to you by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology University of Latvia within the frame of the research project «Well-being, integration and liquid migration» (funded by the Latvian Council of Science under grant LZP-2018/1-0042).

The seminar series is organized by the Diaspora and Migration research center at the University of Latvia.