How diverse migration affects well-being and integration?

New research project launched by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology University of Latvia aims to provide in-depth analysis of (re)migrants’ well-being, general health and integration. Special attention will be paid to the various migration forms, which is often called liquid migration.

The project builds upon migration research that was carried-out at the institute since 2014. With each next step researchers turn to facets of migration most relevant to current state of society.

This time, we decided to concentrate on well-being, health and integration of (re)migrants; also, we are interested in the everchanging pattern and life-strategies of modern-day migrants. The question we seek answers to is whether analytical concepts used up till now by scientists and policy makers reflect adequately the present-day reality.

Through the duration of the project and beyond we will share our findings and thoughts at this website. During the last five years transformed into a freely available information source for all interested in the topic. We hope that you will keep finding useful insights here in future as well!