Reception of migrants under conditions of uncertainty: governance and local level inclusion

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive and reliable assessment of the multi-faceted context of integration in Latvia and how various local agents affect the integration outcomes of Ukrainian and other third-country migrants

Seminar: Educational reintegration and the psychosocial wellbeing of returnee children

April 7 at 17:00 we invite you to participate in Daina Grosa's seminar «Educational reintegration and the psychosocial wellbeing of returnee children: evidence from Latvia».

Research underway looking into the language skills and use of children of Latvian nationals

Language skills and usage play a central role in the diaspora to maintain ties with Latvia and strengthen Latvian identity. Studies to date have shown that living abroad, especially in famiies of mixed ethnic origin, children of Latvian nationals assimilate very quickly. **With your help** researchers hope to establish the attitude of parents to the Latvian language and its use in the family and why and how Latvian language is maintained and strengthened among children.

The survey has ended

The team of researchers from the University of Latvia express their gratitude to everyone who participated in the survey!

Migration researcher Inta Mieriņa outlines aim of new research survey

The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Latvia (LU FSI) has launched a new survey, funded by the Fundamental and Applied Research Programme (FLPP). Aimed at Latvian nationals and emigrés living outside Latvia, as well as those who have returned or moved to Latvia. The project, titled «Well-being and Integration in the Context of Migration» is the second wave of a survey that was conducted by the Institute 5 years ago, titled «The Emigrant Communities of Latvia». This interview with lead researcher of this project, Director of the Diaspora and Migration Research Centre (LU DMPC), Dr. **Inta Mieriņa** will reveal more about the research.

Survey on migration themes

Migration researchers at the University of Latvia have launched the largest migration-themed survey, inviting those who currently live outside Latvia either permanently or semi-permanently to participate, as well as those who have moved or returned to Latvia, having lived or worked outside Latvia. This survey is the second of its kind to be launched in Latvia.

How diverse migration affects well-being and integration?

New research project launched by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology University of Latvia aims to provide in-depth analysis of (re)migrants’ well-being, general health and integration. Special attention will be paid to the various migration forms, which is often called liquid migration.

Well-being, integration and liquid migration

Exploring Well-Being and Social Integration in the Context of Liquid Migration: A Longitudinal Approach