Science for Latvia: Inta Mieriņa

Interview with the project «Well-being, integration and liquid migration» director.

Migration researcher Inta Mieriņa outlines aim of new research survey

The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Latvia (LU FSI) has launched a new survey, funded by the Fundamental and Applied Research Programme (FLPP). Aimed at Latvian nationals and emigrés living outside Latvia, as well as those who have returned or moved to Latvia. The project, titled «Well-being and Integration in the Context of Migration» is the second wave of a survey that was conducted by the Institute 5 years ago, titled «The Emigrant Communities of Latvia». This interview with lead researcher of this project, Director of the Diaspora and Migration Research Centre (LU DMPC), Dr. **Inta Mieriņa** will reveal more about the research.