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This website is provided by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology , University of Latvia (IPS UL).

This privacy policy explains our practices in regard of this website. We expressly state that we take no responsibility for the content of links to websites other than this one.

About data protection

Each time when users visit our pages, a limited information about this process is temporary stored and processed in order to provide statistical insights, including:

  • in order to get a better understanding of what website content is more popular among our visitors, we use statistics service Google Analytics that can use cookies with anonymised identificators.
  • website server provider may store information on visitors’ IP addresses for up to 30 days for statistics purposes.

IPS UL never uses any type of information to attempt identifying website visitors. We will not attempt to link any technical details with any person as we respect our visitors’ privacy.

In case you with to contact the University of Latvia data protection officer, please do so by e-mail to or

Data controller — University of Latvia, registration No. 3341000218, Raiņa bulv. 19, Rīga, LV-1586, phone: 67034444, e-mail: