Survey launched to study remote working among Latvians living abroad and return migrants

Restrictions caused by the pandemic have sped up digitalisation processes worldwide and have led to companies and institutions wholly or partly shifting to remote working. Migration researchers at the University of Latvia launched a study with the aim to identify incentives that the government can utilise for Latvia to become a choice for remote working for members of the diaspora and return migrants, as well as to evaluate the main obstacles and necessary adjustments that need to be made to taxation, social support, labour market regulation and in other areas.

As the labour market is transformed, opportunities to make amendments to relevant legislation will help to include in the Latvian labour market those people who are working abroad, or the nature of whose work permits remote working, or, alternatively, promote return migration to Latvia, retaining employment abroad.

Within the scope of the study, commenced in June this year, we have already conducted in-depth interviews and are now launching a survey.

The survey is closed.

We thank everyone who took par the survey!

The survey may be completed in either Latvian, English or Russian.

We hope this will allow us all to gain valuable information and will assist companies and institutions in Latvia in adapting to the transformation of the labour market in a timely manner, making it easier to work remotely – across borders.

The research project is implemented by the University of Latvia with the support of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Republic of Latvia.

The findings of the study will be published on the website and